Shapeshifters Control Our Lives! Doppelgangers, or dopplers, have hidden within the folds of humanity for countless centuries. Feeding off the sexual desires of men to sustain their race. Now, their exposure and humankind's survival lie within a single family's bloodline. Will the doppler society swiftly ascend to the pinnacle of the food chain, or will there be a WWIII? 

        DR. SHAWN PHILLIPS       
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 The Doppler Affect 
 Dillon's Dream 
Darkened Demigod

Darkened Demigod
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Warning: Contains Adult Content
Imprisoned miles below the surface of the post-apocalyptic Earth he crafted, the first-and-last, modern-day demigod must come to terms with his failings that lead to global annihilation. From the charcoaled ashes of remorse and uncontrollable anger must rise the embodiment of what he was meant to be; a savior for his worshippers. However, who he is saving them from and why propels this demigod on a pained journey beyond his home planet; where he must face much more than just an advanced offshoot of humanity. He and his tech-sidekick, the diminutive Bookworm, will fight for Earth, but at a cost even a demigod will not be able to rectify. 
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Coming Nov 2021, Book 2 of the Darkened Demigod Trilogy!